How we get results


Identify and define our clients' objectives


Audience analysis for effective targeting


Best rates for partners always a priority


Ongoing analysis and advertiser retention

Research and data analysis provides the foundation for the Madison Bell approach. We invest significantly in research as this allows us to really understand our client’s audience and then in turn sell these valuable print and digital audiences to agencies and clients. We also utilise the research tools at our disposal for lead generation and advertiser identification and take these compelling sales cases to the market supported by industry recognised data from companies such as Kantar, PamCo, Mintel etc.

The team at Madison Bell understands agency processes and this, together with a proactive approach to new business, enables us to realise maximum revenues for our partners. We have experienced personnel in contact with both agencies and brand owners to ensure that the opportunities offered by your brand are fully understood and maximised. This enables us to reach out to potential advertisers and commercial partners who would benefit from exposure to your audience. In short, our industry knowledge and key contacts mean that we can put forward your portfolio to the market and provide a complete advertising sales solution. 

We work alongside our partners to establish set goals and revenue projections and we consciously protect yields, so our client’s platforms are never undervalued. We also work closely with our advertisers to ensure the campaigns they run within our portfolio are successful which results in a high level of regular and repeat business. This coupled with a proactive and strategic approach to new business mean your advertising space is fully realised and maximised.  

Madison Bell undertakes all accounts responsibility should our clients wish meaning we do the money chasing on your behalf! This results in prompt payment of your advertising revenue, without the hassle. 

Finally, we habitually report back into our clients so there is compete clarity on performance.