About Madison Bell

Madison Bell is one of the UK’s leading independent advertising sales houses and have been offering media solutions for media owners for almost 50 years.

Who we are and what we do

Our experienced team work across a variety of press and digital platforms and are in regular contact with media buyers across the market, from the largest network agencies through to bespoke non-network independents.​ We understand when and what the buyers are buying, when they are buying it and what is over the horizon. As such, we are uniquely positioned to maximise revenues for our partners.

We represent media owners looking to increase their market share. We work closely with them with the aim of ensuring maximum exposure across the market for their brand and its commercial opportunities. Our experience enables us to understand the current processes, trends and revenue opportunities across a wide variety of markets. We also understand how to maximise revenues with an emphasis on independent research and how to get the very best from basic statistics.

We also offer full in-house support outside of sales and are able to provide full support, including design, content creation and financial administration,​ along with access to a broad media buying capability as part of our wider Media Campaign group.